Ing. Helena Marková, Ph.D.

Helena Marková graduated in Economics and Business in Trade and Services at the Faculty of Business Administration of the Silesian University in Opava. She then continued her doctoral studies at this faculty, where in 2019 she received her Ph.D. in Business Economics and Management. In her scientific work, she focused mainly on the issue of human resources. The topic of her dissertation was the use of part-time work and other flexible forms of work in family and non-family companies, focusing on the Moravian-Silesian region.
Helena Marková’s publications include articles and contributions not only on flexible forms of work or labor market issues and the involvement of women and marginalized groups, but also on human resources and access to them in family and non-family businesses.
Professional experience includes not only pedagogical activities at various levels of education, but also project management, especially in the field of education in educational institutions and manufacturing companies, and managerial positions in the field of human resources management. Business activities are focused on the accounting of small and medium-sized enterprises and real estate business.

Mob.: +420 604 491 021