Competences for Master’s Degree

For more information on the programme, contact us via email to International Office.

We are offering the opportunity for talented and especially motivated students to complete the unique Competences for Master’s Degree (CMD) programme. In this programme, students are systematically prepared to study in Master‘s Degree at prestigious universities in the UK, the USA and other countries, where they can continue their studies after successfully completing their bachelor’s degree in the Czech Republic. As part of this programme, we lead students to volunteer and extracurricular activities, as participation in these activities is usually required by foreign universities in the admission process. As one of the few in the Czech Republic, the PRIGO University participates in the prestigious English programme of the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE). Under the CMD programme, our students will meet successful graduates from foreign universities such as the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge and Harvard University. The programme also includes a visit to the above-mentioned prestigious schools and meetings with its students or teachers. As part of the CMD programme is experience with a specific style of teaching in bachelor study programmes realized at the PRIGO University, it is not possible to study in the CMD programme without a simultaneous study in any of our bachelor study programmes because it is systematically linked to it. However, participation in the CMD programme of the PRIGO University is not a prerequisite for studying in our university’s bachelor’s degree programmes, but is a voluntary activity.

The CMD programme is also suitable for applicants for employment in one of the EU institutions. In addition to the EPSO tests (European Personnel Selection Office), which we are preparing students for in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and Eurocentre Ostrava, the applicants are subject to similar requirements as those interested in studying in the Master’s Degree programmes of foreign universities.