Institute of Lifelong Learning

Accredited courses

Institute of Lifelong Learning of the PRIGO University is a university workplace which, in cooperation with the heads of individual departments, offers, organizes and realizes lifelong learning programmes at the university. We offer courses accredited by:

  • the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
  • the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
  • the Ministry of the Interior

A significant part of these courses is intended for local government officials.

Academy of the Third Age

With the kind support of the Statutory City of Havířov, we also provide education within the Academy of the Third Age. This study is intended for seniors who are citizens of Havířov and are in retirement. Academy of the Third Age is a two-year programme that includes lessons of foreign language, personal computer and Internet, selected topics of sociology, health care, law, economics, history, geography, and other issues.

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