Standard fees associated with study

The amount of tuition fees for the study programmes provided in English is listed below. The amount of tuition applies to study in one academic year. As we are aware that our students may find themselves in different social situations, we also offer the possibility of individual social and merit scholarships. Contact the International Office for more information on the scholarship programme.

Tuition fees for students admitted to study in the academic year 2023/2024

Student admitted on the basis of the first round of the admission procedure

Students in all currently offered degree programmes who are admitted on the basis of the first round of admissions, do not exceed the standard study period and do not commit a disciplinary offence will have their tuition fees fully covered by the scholarship fund. Payment of tuition fees is therefore zero. Studying without payment of tuition fees is guaranteed for the entire standard period of study.

In addition, we will provide these students with a scholarship of at least 237,000 CZK over 5 years. The monthly scholarship is CZK 500 in the first semester, CZK 1,000 in the second semester, CZK 2,000 in the third and fourth semesters and CZK 3,000 in the fifth and sixth semesters in the Bachelor’s degree programme. In the continuing Master’s programme, the monthly fee is CZK 3,000 in the first semester and CZK 5,000 in the second semester. In the last two semesters, the scholarship is CZK 10,000 per month, i.e. CZK 120,000 per year.

Student admitted on the basis of further rounds of admissions

The standard tuition fee for students admitted on the basis of other rounds of admissions, in addition to the scholarship action described above, is CZK 9 990 per month (12-month payment) or CZK 99 900 per year in the case of a one-off payment.

However, students admitted in all these remaining rounds of admissions may draw scholarships from the social programme for talented students. The application must demonstrate exceptional talent, based on the results of the admissions procedure, and document a difficult socio-economic situation.

Account number: 2131120685/8040
Constant symbol: 0308
Variable symbol: student’s birth number
Message for the recipient: birth number, purpose of payment, surname and first name (example of a sample message: XXXXXX/1234, tuition fee 2023/24, Novák Jan)

Students admitted in all rounds of the admission procedure

Students admitted in all rounds of the admission procedure may receive additional merit or research scholarships. At the same time, they will receive free modern equipment from us, including an iPad, which they can use not only at school but also in their free time.