Standard fees associated with study

The amount of tuition fees for the study programmes provided in English is listed below. The amount of tuition applies to study in one academic year. As we are aware that our students may find themselves in different social situations, we also offer the possibility of individual social and merit scholarships. Contact the International Office for more information on the scholarship programme.

Tuition fee for students admitted to study in the academic year 2023/2024

You study with us for free! You will receive an iPad for school and personal use. The scholarship up to EUR 4,900/year

Tuition fee is fully paid from the scholarship fund to students of all study programmes who do not exceed the standard study period and do not commit a disciplinary offense. The tuition fee is therefore zero. Study without a tuition fee is guaranteed for the entire standard period of study in the given study programme.

Studying with us is not only for free for all students, but each student will receive an interesting scholarship, which increases with each semester of study. In the Bachelor’s study, it makes EUR 20 per month in the first semester, EUR 40 in the second semester, EUR 80 in the third and fourth semesters, and EUR 120 in the fifth and sixth semesters. In the follow-up Master’s study, the scholarship makes EUR 120 per month in the first semester and EUR 200 in the second semester. In the last two semesters, the scholarship makes EUR 400 per month, i.e., EUR 4,900 per year.

Students may also receive other merit or research scholarships.