Tuition fees for students admitted to study in the academic year 2023/2024


A) For students admitted on the basis of the 1st round of the admissions procedure, we provide free study for the entire period.

B) For students who are accepted on the basis of the 2nd round and subsequent rounds of the admission procedure, the standard tuition fee is CZK 9,990 per month (payment for 12 months) or CZK 99,900 per year in the case of a one-time payment. Students can draw a scholarship from the social program for talented students to cover tuition fees. In the application for the provision of this scholarship, it is necessary to demonstrate extraordinary talent, based on the results of the admissions procedure and to document a difficult socio-economic situation.


All students also receive a high scholarship, which is in the aggregate amount of 69,000 CZK in the bachelor’s degree, 168,000 CZK in the follow-up master’s degree and 810,000 CZK in the doctoral degree. In total, the student will receive CZK 1,047,000 for the entire course of study at all levels. Other merit and scientific scholarships can also be obtained. A more detailed breakdown of scholarships by semester can be downloaded here.

Students accepted in all rounds of the admissions process may receive additional merit or academic scholarships. At the same time, they will receive free modern equipment from us, including an iPad, which they can use not only at school, but also in their free time.