The PRIGO University mainly carries out the following socially beneficial activities:

  • independent performance of basic research, industrial research and experimental development as well as public dissemination of the results of such activities on a non-exclusive and non-discriminatory basis through education, open access to databases, open publications and open software.
  • provision of educational activities within accredited bachelor programmes, based on the principles of pro-inclusive equal approach to education without any discrimination, taking individual educational needs into consideration.
  • implementation of scientific, development and research activities as well as other creative work in relation to the accredited study programmes,
  • education of exceptionally talented students as defined in the Czech legal regulations, which means the education of students who show a deep interest in economic branches and whose distribution of abilities reaches an extraordinary level of creativity in a whole range of activities or in individual areas of intellectual powers,
  • direct social and professional influence by propagating knowledge and values within the society,
  • lifelong learning,
  • professional managerial education,
  • organising seminars, specialised courses and conferences,
  • granting scholarships.