Mission and Vision

The PRIGO University aspires to educate students whithin accredited study programmes as well as foster and develop scientific and other creative activities in cooperation with domestic and foreign universities, research institutions, the state administration and business and cultural sectors.

The PRIGO University has already commenced the second decade of its existence, building on values like openness and pro-inclusiveness, equal access to education, respect for the educational needs of each individual, relevance and efficacy. Our not-for-profit nature and the values we espouse motivate us to offer a social programme for talented students who are interested in pursuing a truly high-quality higher education equivalent to that of private universities abroad. We are not interested in applicants who apply to universities because they are satisfied with any university degree or degree. We accept students who want to work on themselves, really develop, participate in teaching and project activities from the moment they start their studies and also take part in extracurricular events that will help them to achieve a quality CV. Therefore, all applicants for study at our school pass the entrance exam, the purpose of which is mainly to check the prerequisites and motivation of the applicant to study.

Students who join any of our study programmes will receive an iPad from us free of charge, which they can use not only at school but also for their personal needs. We prepare students for life as it will be, and this cannot be done without teaching methods that develop critical thinking and general competencies in combination with the use of modern technologies. Therefore, we equip students admitted to study based on a successful entrance exam with the latest technology in order to eliminate possible differences in their socio-economic background and provide them with the same chances for a quality modern education. We also will prepare the candidates for further study abroad in a special CMD programme.

Following the example of prestigous foreign unversites, the applicant´s motivation letter is the most important in the admission procedure. The motivation letter should be focused on the applicant´s previous successes, prerequisites and motivation to study. We verify these facts during a personal motivational interview. We always try to get to know the applicants better and at the same time present them our unique educational concept and the demands we place on our students. Thanks to this, we can establish a relationship with the applicant from the beginning and clarify mutual expectations. Students can also receive attractive merit or research scholarships.

The primary objective of the PRIGO University is to become an elite university with special prominence in European education during the upcoming decade. We focus on high-quality research and its results as well as international cooperation. The PRIGO University is a member of PRIGO Group, a wide group of schools and universities operating on all levels of education which wants to educate top experts who are able of critical and synthetic thinking, gifted with transferable skills and willing not only to pursue lifelong learning but also to accept criticism and pass their knowledge and experience onto others. We will always strive that our graduates have a natural sense for social responsibility, accept the challenges associated with life in a multi-cultural environment, with the development of new technologies and sustainability of economic growth.

Our educational strategy is based on the application of a unique, trademark-protected PriorityGO approach, a combination of individualization of teaching, modern didactic methods and respect for the challenges of contemporary society. Education is seen as a lifelong philosophy and a continuous approach to life, not as a means to achieve other goals.

The fundamental element for fulfilling the goals of the PRIGO University is mainly the stable and loyal core of academics with high standard of expertise and appropriate age structure who share common visions and values.

The PRIGO University is a member of CAMBAS – Czech Association of MBA Schools. In addition to accredited undergraduate and graduate programmes, it offers also professional managerial studies programmes. We are also members of the Czech Economic Society, the Chamber of Commerce, the Association of Social Responsibility and other organizations, including the Council of Universities. We also cooperate with the corporate sector, where, on the basis of the memoranda of cooperation, our partner is mainly Tieto.

The PRIGO University has concluded new memoranda of cooperation with several foreign universities. The main partner school is the University of Nebraska, USA. We offer our students and teachers short and long study or work stays in the USA. Further cooperation was established with partners in Europe and China. We have received grant funds from the ERASMUS + programme, which allows our students and teachers to realize many new exchanges not only in EU countries. We are preparing our students for master’s degree at prestigious universities in Great Britain, the USA and other countries, where graduates of our bachelor’s degree programmes can study. In cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and Eurocentre Ostrava, we are also preparing students for jobs in EU institutions, especially for the EPSO tests (European Personnel Selection Office).