The admission procedure for the academic year 2023/24 has been closed. International environment, ERASMUS+, preparation for Master's Degree abroad

Our priorities are high-quality individualised modern teaching methods and their connection with research. We create the conditions for students to focus on their studies and acquire the knowledge and skills that will ensure their success in the job market of the future. Students will receive free of charge modern equipment from us, including an iPad, which they can use not only at school but also in their free time. During their studies, they can receive merit and research scholarships or additional funds from our social program for talented students.
The admission procedure for the academic year 2023/24 has been closed. There is no test for the entrance procedure – send us an essay and a motivation letter or video and convince us in a personal interview that you are really interested in studying. PRIGO University offers full-time study exclusively in the economically oriented Bachelor’s (B.Sc.) or Master’s (M.Sc.) degree programmes in Economics and Management, Managerial Economics, or Economic Policy and Public Administration. For more information, please visit the Study Programmes section.
We offer an international environment and of course ERASMUS+ activities. Our unique Competences for Master’s Degree programme prepares you for Master’s Degree studies at prestigious universities in the UK, USA and other countries where graduates of our Bachelor’s Degree programmes can study.[…]

We have been awarded a project funded by Czech Science Foundation! We are conducting excellent research, get involved and join us - We are holders of the prestigious 'HR Excellence in Research' Award!

In December 2022, our university was awarded a three-year basic research project in the field of economics by the prestigious Czech Science Foundation. Our researchers Prof. Goessling and Dr. Černek as co-partners, together with their colleagues Assoc. Prof. Kapounek from Mendel University in Brno and Prof. Kočenda from Charles University in Prague will focus on the issue of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
This success complements the scientific and project profile of our university, which, for example, is addressing two applied research projects from the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic since 2021. The projects focus, among other things, on current economic and social topics related to the impact of the ongoing crises. Another applied research project, also funded by the Technology Agency, was recently successfully completed at PRIGO University with a proposal for a TA award.
We are conducting excellent research and we are also holders of the prestigious ‘HR Excellence in Research’ Award in the field of human resources. According to the latest official evaluation of the Council (Government) for Research, Development and Innovation, our University is ranked second in research excellence in the field of the study programmes offered by us, together with Charles University in Prague and Masaryk University in Brno, and is the best in the Moravian-Silesian Region.
Are you students, academics or researchers who want to be among the best? Then join us!
PRIGO University is also actively involved in the dissemination of research and development results through its own international scientific journal DANUBE. It focuses on European issues in a global context at the level of the social sciences and humanities. It is indexed in the world’s most important citation databases. PRIGO University is co-publishes this journal with the renowned publishing house De Gruyter. Articles published in DANUBE are freely available on its website.
For more information on these and many other projects at PRIGO, please visit our R&D website.[…]

Partners for excelent research teams and international scientific cooperation wanted!

According to the latest national ranking, the PRIGO University holds the second top position in excelent research in the Czech Republic together with the Charles University in Prague and Masaryk University in Brno. We are the research leader in our region.
Our research institute sets up research teams that include both senior and junior workers from the Czech Republic and abroad. In order to make progress in the field of international scientific research cooperation, we would like to welcome colleagues from abroad to our teams, both full-time and part-time.
We offer cooperation on projects and research in the field of social sciences, especially economics, economic policy, law, political science, and also pedagogy and education. However, we also welcome new research topics from colleagues from abroad that have a social impact and on which we could collaborate. Let’s get together![…]