Study with no tuition fee with iPad for free! Scholarship EUR 4.900/year. Applications can be submitted until July 31, 2022.

PRIGO University offers studies exclusively in economically oriented bachelor´s (Bc.) or follow-up master´s (Ing.) study programs in full-time form. Following the example of prestigious foreign universities, the applicant´s motivation letter is the most important in the admission procedure. The motivation letter should be focussed on the applicant´s previous successes, prerequisites and motivation to study. The study is FREE OF CHARGE and each student will receive a free iPad for school and personal use. All students receive a scholarship, which increases with each semester of study. In the bachelor´s study, there is EUR 20 per month in the first semester, EUR 40 in the second semester, EUR 80 in the third and fourth semesters, and EUR 120 in the fifth or sixth semester. In the follow-up master´s study, there is EUR 120 per month in the first semester and EUR 200 in the second semester. In the last two semesters, the scholarship is EUR 400 per month, i.e., EUR 4.900 per year. Students may receive additional merit or science scholarships. You can find more information abou study programmes in the section “Study programmes“. We also prepare students form master´s studies at prestigious universities in Great Britain, the USA and other countries (Master´s Degree), where graduates of our bachelor´s degree programmes can study. For more information see the section “Competences for Master´s Degree“.[…]

Study in USA! International cooperation, ERASMUS+, preparation for Master's Degree

PRIGO has concluded new memoranda of cooperation with several foreign universities. The main partner school remains the University of Nebraska, USA. We offer our students and teachers short-term and longer study or work stays in the USA, but also at other partner universities in Europe or China. We are involved in the ERASMUS + programme, which allows our students and teachers to pass many types of exchanges not only in EU countries. We offer all our accredited study programmes in English. We also prepare our students for Master’s degree […]

Partners for excelent research teams and international scientific cooperation wanted!

According to the latest national ranking, the PRIGO University holds the second top position in excelent research in the Czech Republic together with the Charles University in Prague and Masaryk University in Brno. We are the research leader in our region. Our research institute sets up research teams that include both senior and junior workers from the Czech Republic and abroad. In order to make progress in the field of international scientific research cooperation, we would like to welcome colleagues from abroad to our teams, both full-time and part-time. We offer cooperation on projects and research in the field of social sciences, especially economics, economic policy, law, political science, and also pedagogy and education. However, we also welcome new research topics […]