Ing. Vlastimil Beran, Ph.D.

Vlastimil Beran works as an external lecturer of the PRIGO University, where he participates in courses of Social Policy, and Employment Policy. He currently serves as head of the Income and Wage Policy Department of the Research Institute of Labour and Social Affairs, established by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic. For the Ministry, this research institute produces public and non-public studies on the areas of subsistence and subsistence minimums, minimum wages, household incomes and expenses, social benefits and labour costs. Vlastimil Beran is a member of several commissions, committees and advisory bodies. He also cooperates with other institutions such as the Czech Statistical Office, the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, or municipalities.
Vlastimil Beran is a graduate of the Economic Policy and Administration programme, the field of National Economy at the Faculty of Economics of the VŠB-TU Ostrava. He also completed his doctoral studies in Economics. At the Faculty of Economics of the VŠB-TU Ostrava, he worked as an academic at the Department of Economics.
In addition to projects whose output is created for central government bodies, projects that fall under the TACR deal with contractual research or research based on cooperation with the non-profit sector. Several times a year, he attends public hearings explaining to the participants the nature of the problems in his research. He is the author of several dozen papers listed in the Web of Science and other articles, posts and commentaries.

Mob.: +420 604 491 021