Research Institute of the University of Economics

The Research Institute of the University of Economics is a branch of the PRIGO University located in Ostrava, whose main mission is to carry out basic, applied and contractual research in the fields of accredited study programmes and other areas that result from current social needs. We also involve students of bachelor’s and follow-up Master’s degree programmes of our higher education institution and students of grammar schools, secondary and higher vocational schools PRIGO. If you are interested in getting involved and researching with us, please contact the Director of the Institute, Ing. Martin Murín, Ph.D. 

The team of employees of the research institute consists of important academic world personalities and leading practitioners. This connection gives us a unique opportunity to link basic and applied research, the results of which we can then present in consultancy and teaching. Our students always have up-to-date knowledge based on the current state of knowledge and its application in practice, not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. We focus mainly on economics, economic policy, law, public administration, tax theory and its application, and other socio-scientific disciplines. 

The members of the Research Team of the University of Economics are regular investigators of scientific and research projects financed from the funds of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, the European Union, the European Association Comenius and others. One of the most important projects is the World Tax Index project. It is the development and application of a multi-criterion indicator of the tax burden, which internationally compares the various aspects of the tax burden on entrepreneurs and households. An international team consisting of academic and business experts, representatives of central banks and governments of OECD countries participated in the project.