Mgr. Lucie Skříšovská, Ph.D.

Lucie Skříšovská participates in the teaching of courses in the study programme Social Policy and Social Work at the PRIGO University. She graduated from Social Work at the University of Ostrava, where she also received a doctoral degree in Social Counselling and Social Services Management (PhD). She has been dealing with the social rehabilitation of partially sighted and blind people for a long time, both from the point of view of professional practice and from the point of view of methodological guidance. She is a specialist in community planning and project management in the field of social services. She has been active for a long time in the regional coordinating bodies of the above professional areas. She worked academically at the University of Ostrava, Department of Psychology and Social Work, and the Department of Social Sciences of the VŠB-TU Ostrava.
Lucie Skříšovská is a lecturer for the Social Pillar of the CSR and a Lecturer in Teaching for Various Schools, Grammar Schools and 2nd Grade of Secondary School. At the same time, she has experience in participation in special projects, e.g. in the field of participation in special projects, experiences of Adult Education in Europe for blind or visually impaired people LLP Grundtvig partnership project, Social pillar of the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) concerning the employment of OZP in the free labour market, or Teaching to differentiation as part of multicultural education and education, etc.
Lucie Skříšovská also received crisis intervention training. Last but not least, she became an Instructor of Spatial Orientation and Independent Movement of Blind and Partially Sighted Persons. She also works as a manager at the regional centre of Tyfloservis, Ostrava.

Mob.: +420 604 491 021