CEMNAS – a centre for working with exceptionally gifted and students with specific needs

The abbreviation CEMNAS is a designation for a special higher education workplace dedicated to those students who need support for various reasons. In the first area, it is about working with exceptionally gifted students, i.e. those whose distribution of abilities reaches an extraordinary level with high creativity throughout the range of activities or in individual areas of intellectual abilities. The second role is to support students with specific needs, which we try to better integrate into higher education. 

Prigo University builds on values such as openness and pro-inclusiveness, equal access to education and respect for the educational needs of each individual. If you need help with your studies, you can contact the head of our workplace Mgr. Libuše Halfarová, Ph.D. who is happy to accommodate you in everything. 

PRIGO university cooperates in work with students with specific educational needs with the Disability Resource Center at the University of Cambridge. This second-best university in the world was visited by the Rector of the VSP and other academics and discussed, together with Dr Harding, director of the centre at the University of Cambridge, access to disadvantaged students at this university and in the UK in general. The experience gained is used in the functioning of CEMNAS. 

Centre for working with exceptionally gifted students in particular: 

(a) diagnoses the extraordinary talents and specific educational needs of students;  

(b) propose support, compensatory and other measures for students with identified extraordinary talents or special educational needs.